Danko Jones - below the belt 

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Danko has always nailed the lyrics. As blues is supposed to be about my baby leaving and selling your soul to the devil, rock had always been about itself and fornication. Danko has more often focused on the latter. He also has a great orchestra to back him up and that usually leads to very satisfactory listening.

Fantastic album from the Rock ‘n Roll proletariat.

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Footers live! 

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Tonight @ Kalasatama!

Oh and here’s a picture of Dave defecating Nate on stage..

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(via 500px / Photo “Aspen Forest” by Chad Galloway)


(via 500px / Photo “Aspen Forest” by Chad Galloway)

Luxury bites the dust 

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If you happen to be in, or visit Zürich this summer, be sure to pay your last respects to luxury @ Baur au Lac hotel..

Cradle by ball nogues studio 

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Bon iver - bon iver 

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Buy it!

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Leica M8


Leica M8

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crazy few days.. 

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..but we got it done, and in time I might add.

After about a month of manufacturing we’ve been installing a new Maatilatori (designed by Harri Koskinen) at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport (non-Schengen area) for a week, long hours, and yesterday we finished. Be sure to visit, should you happen to pass by. The reindeer-sticks are highly recommended!

As always, the (work-in-progress) pictures do the space no justice..

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Busy life at the moment. But here’s a video that made me laugh..

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